Nearly five months and 11 surgeries after his crash at Anaheim II, Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen is back on the bike—kind of. While Roczen isn’t back to full-time riding by any means, he did post an update on his Instagram account of him popping some wheelies on Christian Craig’s bike.

Ken Roczen underwent an 11th—and final—surgery, this time on his elbow. The surgery was performed by Dr. Randall Viola of the Steadman Clinic—the same doctor that’s performed Ken’s other surgeries.

According to Honda, during the procedure Dr. Viola inserted a cadaver cartilage into Ken’s elbow. The operation is expected to give Roczen’s arm full range of motion. Dr. Viola also cleaned out scar tissue from the affected area. Per Honda, Roczen’s arm should be able to bear weight in six to eight weeks.

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